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West Thailand Kanchanaburi Experience Motorcycling Tour 9D8N Trip

Western Thailand
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9 Days 8 Nights

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Daily Tour

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5 people




Most know the area for its famous bridge over the River Kwai and world-class waterfalls. But this vast mountainous area is so much more than that. Bordering Myanmar this magical tropical jungle wilderness is stunning to see. With flooded low land valleys and awe-inspiring mountain backdrops this area of Thailand has been the focus of countless Hollywood movies, and for very good reason. It is simply stunning.

Many years ago Motorbike Madness looked into setting up a tour here, that first adventure has now developed into one of our most requested big bike road tours we currently offer. Although our tour guides are always on hand to help, we would suggest that this tour is more relevant to experienced riders. Some of the most demanding riding we’ve ever seen in Thailand is right here. You’ll experience a land that stood still in time. Thais that live in this remote national treasure have been living their lives traditionally for hundreds of years, far away from modern western influence. You’ll experience untouched nature in all its glory, and wildlife beyond your expectations.

On this tour, we guarantee an unforgettable experience of a lifetime that will leave you with countless new experiences, renewed spirit, and a feeling of accomplishment.

RIDER LEVEL: Intermediate to experienced riders (2 years minimum riding experience).
OFF ROAD: Small Amount
DISTANCE: Approx. 1400km
YOU WILL NEED: Passport, Riding License, International Riders Permit, Insurance from your home country.

We will need 2 weeks advance notice to book this tour.

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Whatever your circumstances are we can provide the accommodation and transportation. Whether arriving in Thailand from your home country or already established here we can arrange appropriate measures to get the tour started without any hassle. From your initial booking, all your personal needs and requirements will be addressed and taken care of.


Our luxury Motorbike Madness minivans and Cycle fleet will swiftly make their way to Kanchanaburi, a 300 km ride ending at our arranged accommodation. Here a full briefing of the area, trails, and terrain will get you up to speed with the epic adventure that lies ahead. That evening we will feast in total comfort in preparation for the demanding days awaiting us. There will be time to take in some of the tourist attractions of the area and get some well-needed R and R.


A good healthy breakfast starts the third day and sets us up for the road. We’ll be heading to some of the most picturesque scenery Thailand has to offer. The Death Railway mountain pass is a sight and experience not to be missed. You’ll feel like you just set foot into a Hollywood movie set as the entire steel structure reveals itself around every curve of the track. This short but amazing ride hugs the mountainside with deep lush valleys stretching out into the distance, people who have experienced it say they had mixed emotions with the beauty in one hand and the knowledge of the sad history of how it came to be. These landmarks were made famous for the harsh conditions endured during the war by the POWs who were forced to work by hand to carve out the pass in the rock. Many soldiers lost their lives on these projects. A national war museum built in commemoration of the time depicts the sad events and horrors of these dark days. You’ll be able to pay your respect to those that lost their lives there at the war memorial and really feel the sadness and hardships they all endured.

Ironically today the area is a popular destination for all kinds of tourists and the local community is thriving. There’s a lively feel about the place with many good quality restaurants and evening entertainment.

Lunch is provided Thai style overlooking the famous bridge and clean slow-running river where you will be able to try some of the local specialties found only in this region.

The town of Kanchanaburi will be our home that night where the day’s events can be soaked up in your own comfortable accommodation.


One of the best highlights of any Thai adventure or location is The Erawan National Park Waterfall, recognized as one of the best in the world. This day starts when you fire up your engine, the 50km ride to the falls is outstanding with roads to die for. Winding your way through valleys and climbing steep inclines to the top of impressive mountains offers those who experience it a sight of Jungle rainforests so beautiful it’s impossible to forget. Plenty of time is available to stop and take it all in and get those pictures of a lifetime. But this itself pales in comparison to what lies ahead, Erawan falls. To describe this area is difficult as you just have to experience it for yourself, actually the less you know the better the experience will be. Just know that the sheer size a magical nature of this special place will leave you with memories that will last a lifetime. Pictures can’t do it anywhere near justice. The hike to the top takes you past level after level of crystal clear ponds that look like they were made as a themed attraction. This tropical paradise is just waiting for you to dive in, so don’t forget your swimwear.


Day 5, the ride that lies ahead will test your riding skills with countless twists and turns as you ascend to the top of a mountainous wilderness.

Our destination is Pilok,, a subdistrict of Thong Pha Phum DIstrict hidden away in mountain tops right on the Myanmar border. Known in 1949 once famous for its mining of tin and tungsten in the 1940s it has now become a beloved destination for biking enthusiasts all over the world. The 1985 tin market crash destroyed the mines and closed them forever. What’s left is only pristine nature.

Covering an area of 725 square kilometers this magical landscape is dominated by 95% rainforest and jungle. During our epic ride, we’ll discover breathtaking mountain top views around every bend until the road ends and dirt track becomes our guild. Now your bike takes on a whole new purpose as the suspension and brakes show what they are made of. The terrain is a challenge with steep sections covered with rocks and loose dirt. Don’t worry our guilds will get you through the challenge safely and provide assistance where necessary. Once this section has been accomplished and we reach the top the entire Thong Pha Phum National Park will reveal itself. A jungle wilderness that time forgot.

The locals of this truly Thai district will be our hosts for the night as we make our way down the mountain to a sleepy village nestled between rainforest mountains and mystical lakes. A comfortable homestay with very friendly owners greet us as their own family and welcome guests for the night. If you’ve never really been to Thailand, and by that, I mean outside of the capital, Pattaya, islands, and usual tourist destinations, you are in for a treat. Real Thais going about their day as they have generation after generation will melt your heart as you realize true Thai hospitality.

Rest and take it all in with a dash of local alcohol as the day draws to a close, let the sound of the jungle fill your ears and the splendor of star ladened moon-lit night sky fill your eyes.


The morning sun cuts the darkness and gives way for a spectacular sunrise, so if you’re up grab your cameras.

Our day 6 tour to Sangkhlaburi takes us deeper into the past as we travel through the mountains to a place where life more resembles 19 century Thailand, Rarely seen by westerners traditional Thai / Myanmar locals are often seen going about their day balancing large water pots on their heads like a scene from Disney’s Jungle Book as they supply their families with clean drinking water for the day. The valleys here were purposely flooded by the Thai Government to rejuvenate wildlife affected by dams. This process gave birth to spectacular lakes. On our journey to our destination, you will see glimpses of these visual spectacles around each corner of these thick jungle mountains. You are now on the virtual border with Myanmar. The largest water mass is Khao Laem Reservoir. This reservoir is a stepping stone for snaking rivers leading straight into Myanmar. Imagine a scene from the deer hunter there and you’ll get the picture. Clay-colored winding rivers with bamboo rafts and eerie-shaped tree stumps sticking out of the water. The reservoir is often covered in mist giving food for your imagination.

Thailand’s largest wooden bridge precariously balances above the water trying hard not to collapse. There are also two very interesting Temples. Sunrise and sunset offer incredible photo opportunities of this one-of-a-kind sight.

We will access the temples with a rented boat on the far side of the floodplain, again you will want your camera handy, the feel of this sunken temple with go right through you. You can actually feel the eeriness. Keep your passports handy too, just in case!! Just kidding! Finally, we visit an ancient golden temple with Myanmar roots guarded by lions rounding off a very unusual but unforgettable experience.

Riverside accommodation finishes the day with more friends to meet and new stories to tell.


Honing your riding skills is the name of the game on this 300km ride to Suphanburi. We will set off early after a good breakfast fill. This leg of the tour takes us through the Phu Toei National Park with its tallest mountain, the Tewada Summit.

Suphanburi has a distinctive Chinese feel and is centered around the Tha Chin River. Chinese settlers came to the province centuries ago and molded the small charming town into a market-oriented way of life. The most famous of these markets is the Sam Chuk Market, this market has existed for 100s of years and still has the same feel to this day revealing the strong urge for culture in the area. We’ll spend some time here to get a real feel for the traditions of the people and market. There are plenty of dishes and delicacies on offer, most of which will be unheard of.

Some of the must-try foods include Hor Mok, this ancient dish comprises a unique fish native to the local rivers and a mix strongly resembling meatloaf. Super fresh and exquisite tasting is the locally made coconut ice cream, now that’s one that will go down a treat after the heat of the day’s ride. If souvenirs are your thing this would be a good place to pick up something very unusual. Next up is Baan Kwai which translates to the village of Buffalo. This substantial site is home to village farmers who keep the water buffalo and tend to the rice paddy fields. We’ll be getting familiar with the locals, including the buffalos to see how they live and maybe trying a little rice thrashing. You will be amazed by the simplistic housing set on stilts and the traditional way of life. Regular buffalo shows run through the day for a very funny spectacle. Sleep off the ride in comfortable accommodation and it’s off to our final destination in the morning. Thailand’s former capital, Ayuthaya


Formally the capital of Thailand Ayutthaya stands as a historical site with centuries of history. Dating back to the 14th century this heavily populous city grew to a colossus 1 million inhabitants. This all changed in the 18th century when the Burmese army invaded the capital and raised it to the ground. All that stood were the stone temples and monasteries.

Our ride on Day 8 of the tour takes us on a pleasant route of just 75km. We will be visiting two sights, both of huge importance to the history of the city. Lunch will be served at the second of these ancient ruins. The afternoon is a time of freedom for you to walk around and witness the splendor of what were - and still are - Thailand most treasured temples. To add to the fun Ayutthaya is home to thousands of friendly little primates that make their home in the ruined temples. Their antics are a sight to see and make for fantastic photos.

This just leaves the evening where you can explore the numerous bars, markets, and restaurants for a taste of Authaya’s vibrant nightlife before your final night’s accommodation.


This epic tour finally comes to an end with the return trip to Pattaya. The ride is quite substantial and takes us past the modern-day metropolis that is Bangkok. The fast-flowing highways give you the opportunity to really open the throttle and see just what these bikes’ top end is all about. It’s not all over once back thou. We finish the final day by way of Silver lake, a very lush and aesthetically perfect countryside attraction. This area south of Pattaya is known for its vineyards, buddha mountain, and waterpark. The roads getting there are high quality with fast corners too. Last chance to impress the group!!!!

After a final feast to our base camp and a lot of reminiscing, you’ll be chauffeur-driven back to your hotel and if required transferred to the airport the following day.

Memories of a tour of a lifetime with incredible memories, wild times, and new friendships is our mission. And we always make sure that becomes a reality.


  • - Touring By Motorcycle Thailand Includes:
  • - Airport collection and departure
  • - Safety Rules & Presentation
  • - Bike Hire
  • - Helmets
  • - Fuel during entire trip
  • - Accommodation for entire trip
  • - Breakfast for entire trip
  • - Lunch for entire trip
  • - Drinks the entire trip (excluding alcohol)
  • - Boat Rides x 2
  • - Entrance Fees to numerous national parks and historical sites.
  • - 2 Tour Guides
  • - Third party liability insurance
  • - Evening Meals
  • - Alcohol
  • - Personal Expenses
  • - Personal accident insurance
  • - Tips/gratuities

Tour's Location

Western Thailand


Is the list price of your tours fully inclusive, with no extras?
Our tours are fully inclusive of guides, clothing, fuel motorbikes, accommodation (whilst on the tour) set breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. Whatever we’ve included in the tour itinerary is completely included in the tour price. Your personal drinking and eating requirements are all you will have to pay for yourself.
What are the details of your cancellation policy, can I get a refund?
There is a 50% booking deposit to be paid initially upon booking. If you need to cancel your tour with us our policy of refund is as follows.
- For cancellations made 3 months before the tour date, a processing / cancellation fee of 25% of the total tour price will be charged. The balance will be refunded or a different date can be rearranged.
- For cancellations made less than 3 months before the start of the tour, a processing / cancellation fee of 50% of the total tour price will be charged. If a reservation has been paid for in full, we will refund the remaining 50% of the total tour cost.
- If for any reason we have to cancel your booking we will give you a full refund.
Can I just come to your tour base and get a tour?
There is a great amount of preparation that goes into our tours so on the spot booking is very difficult. It would be far better to book your tour dates online or by phone. This gives us the necessary information to ensure your tour is the best it can possibly be for your specific needs.

What is the maximum amount of riders per tour?
We can provide tours for a maximum of 5 riders per tour.
I’m on my own, do I have to find another person to book a tour?
Yes, we can tailor-make tours for anyone as required. Just contact us to discuss the details. However single riders can join any of our tours with existing riders, in which case no extra charges are incurred. We encourage group tours for a number of reasons. Most people find the group interaction a much better experience and it helps us to keep our prices keen.
What are your methods of payment?
We support all forms of payment both online and offline. Payments can be made directly to our bank account or via third-party providers such as Paypal.
How are the road rules in Thailand?
We drive on the left in Thailand and the rules of the road tend to be in line with England and Australia for the most part. Of course, there are differences but our guides will make you fully aware of the main points to follow. A driving license is rather easy to obtain in Thailand which means there are many inexperienced drivers in Thailand. It is always advisable to keep a watch out for other road users. There are also many areas where animals frequently walk on the road. We strongly advise staying in close contact with our guides for the safest experience.
Can I make my own day’s itinerary if I want?
Yes, no problem. We will help you with any alternative arrangements you wish to make and made sure you know our destination details at the end of the day. Our full tour itinerary will be made available so the choice is yours to follow or discover a new route.
How much will it cost me if I damage the bike?
Any bike failures need to be reported to our guides as soon as they occur. This way we can prevent any further damages and make sure your bike is in the best condition. You are covered by our third-party insurance whilst riding our bikes, however, any claims do incur a 25,000 baht excess and in the case of the bike being written off by the insurer, there is a 100,000 baht excess charge.
Will I know how far we ride every day?
Yes, all of our tours are fully described in our tours section, it includes the total amount of km we ride on any specific day. Some days are more demanding than others with a maximum of around 250km. We’ve design our longer tours so that those long journeys are spread out throughout the tour. Most of the time we take a relaxing ride with plenty of stops and excursions.
What are the driving licence requirements in Thailand?
When driving or riding in Thailand it is imperative to obtain an (IPD) International Driving Permit which is an official translation of your international driver’s licence. This addition to your International Drivers Licence is required by Thai Law before driving in the country. To get this addition you must contact your Drivers registration office in your home country. Some countries allow the permit to be mailed to your home address while others require that you register in person.

Permits can be obtained through third party online services but we DO NOT advise this as it may not be legal if you get into an accident while riding. By adding this document legally to your existing international licence you ensure that you are diving legally in Thailand.

When riding make sure that you have your IPD with your International driver’s licence and passport at all times.
Where do I put my personal things when on the road?
For our short tours, our base in Pattaya has full changing rooms with lockers for your possessions. On longer tours, there is a surprising amount of storage on each bike compression of pannier bags and top boxes. Whatever your needs are we will find a solution for you.
Can I come to Thailand without travel insurance?
Currently, it is still possible to come to Thailand without travel insurance, however this is becoming stricter. We strongly advise our guests to purchase insurance that covers motorbike tours to at least 650cc engines. Travel insurance is still relatively cheap so it really is worth it.
What are the visa requirements in Thailand?
For most countries, Thailand has a visa on arrival policy. The visa covers a minimum of 30 days. For visitors wanting to stay longer periods of time in the country visas can be obtained from the Thai Embassy in your home country.
Seasonal Changed and Road Conditions?
October to February - For near-perfect riding conditions, we recommend dates between October and February. During this time the weather in Thailand is mostly dry with gorgeous temperatures. Our Northern Thailand tours are particularly suited to these dates.
March to June - March to June are the hottest months in Thailand, It remains mostly dry during these months so road conditions are still very good within most cases all areas accessible to riders. Temperatures can be as high as 40 degrees so make sure you bring suncream.
July to October - July to October are the best months to visit waterfalls. Our Northern and Eastern tours have some of the world’s best falls included in the tour. Riding conditions do get muddy and wet but if you’re looking for a wild adventure and have some good riding skills this could be the best time to take a tour.
What do I need to bring on the tour? What is supplied?
Along with the bikes and guides we kit you out with the very best internationally imported motorbike clothing from the helmet to the boots, you’re completely covered right down to the socks. Lockers are provided for your personal belongings at our base and the bikes all have pannier and top box storage. Just bring your documents, sunnies, shorts, and T-shirts.
How much is motorcycle gear in Thailand?
If you are looking for top quality then buying from your own country is a better option in most cases. A cheaper option is Chinese brands that can be bought in the North of Thailand at good prices. The quality is decent for the price.
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