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Sumatran Tiger Trek Jungle Tour 5D4N Trip

Sumatra, Indonesia
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5 Days 4 Nights

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Daily Tour

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Our longest and most wild trek, the Sumatran Tiger Trek takes you deep into primary rainforest and through Sumatran tiger habitat. You’ll hike up ridge trails, cross jungle streams, visit peaceful waterfalls, and even take a dip in the the magnificently blue Lake Kaco. If you’re lucky, you’ll spot siamang gibbons, mitered leaf monkeys, hornbills, and a variety of birds and other wildlife. And yes, a few of our guests have even had the good fortune of seeing sun bears and Sumatran tigers, with a huge majority at the very least seeing pugmarks, scratches on trees, scat, and sometimes even a tiger’s nearby “aum” call.


  • Difficulty: Moderate. While the landscape isn’t too extreme at any points, endurance is necessary for a five day trek.
  • Activities: Jungle Trekking, Camping, Swimming, Bird Watching, Wildlife Spotting
  • Elevation: 1100m-1500m
  • Terrain: Primary Rainforest, Mountains, Lakes, Jungle Streams, Waterfalls, Hutan Adat
  • Nearest Village: Lempur, Gunung Raya subdistrict, Kerinci regency, Jambi province, Indonesia


Day 1

After breakfast at your guesthouse in Lempur, take a short ride to the trailhead to begin your Sumatra jungle trek. The first part of the trek takes you through a hutan adat, a traditionally managed forest buffer zone where forest products like cinnamon, bamboo, ratan, fruits, and more are sustainably harvested by the village. Eventually, you’ll reach the boundaries of the Kerinci Seblat National Park, crossing over the shallow Manjuto river into primary rainforest.

If you started the trek late, make camp there, or continue up Bukit Lintang to the hill campsite. Bukit Lintang is known for having very healthy wildlife populations, so be on the lookout for wildlife as diverse as wild boar to Malayan tapir, sambar deer to Sumatran tigers.

Day 2

Pack up and continue your journey through the Sumatran wilderness, through some of the most beautiful rainforest imaginable. Head down the other side of the hill, listening and watching for siamang gibbons and hornbills, who each begin their enchanting calls in the morning. Keep eyes on the path for any signs of tiger pugmarks, tapir tracks, or other wildlife signs.

After roughly five hours of trekking, arrive at the unnamed waterfall on Sungai Riang, where you’ll make camp. Enjoy swimming in the refreshingly chilly mountain water, ride the natural rock slide beside the waterfall into the pool below, or continue exploring the surrounding rainforest. Turn in for the night.

Day 3

Enjoy a peaceful breakfast surrounded by birds singing their morning songs against the backdrop of the bubbling waterfall. Break camp and continue trekking through the primary rainforest of the Kerinci Seblat National Park, making your way back up Bukit Lintang, and down a fairly steep trail out of the hills. This slightly more lowland forest has a different feel, with taller trees growing in this more level landscape.

During the hike, learn about jungle survival from your guide – how to find drinking water, how to identify edible fruits, plants, and other foods for foraging.

On this third night, you’ll make camp near a small creek.

Day 4

From the jungle stream, continue hiking through lush, untouched forests until you arrive at Lake Kaco, the brilliantly blue swimming hole and natural aquarium deep in the forest, arriving in the afternoon. Follow in the footsteps of Bear Grylls and jump off the tree hanging over the crystal clear waters, and swim around with the abundant fish and brilliantly-colored fresh-water crabs that make the lake their home. The cool, underground spring-fed natural pool makes for a rejuvenating break after so many days of trekking.

Set up camp in the forest surrounding the lake. Before bed, take a night-walk for chances of spotting nocturnal creatures like civets, colugo, slow-loris, flying squirrels, and a variety of tree-frogs and insects.

Day 5

Wake up next to Lake Kaco and enjoy a leisurely morning, swimming and relaxing in the lake. Eventually, pull yourself away and continue roughly three hours along forest trails looking for birds, wildlife and signs of other animals as you make your way out of the forest.

Take a break at the Siluang Bersisik Emas waterfall before you exit the forest and continue your walk through idyllic rice paddies on your way back to Lempur village.

You’ll arrive back in Lempur generally by mid- to late-afternoon. Spend the night back in the Lempur guesthouse.


  • Two total nights in a family-run guesthouse for before and after the trek, a local guide and porter, transport from your accommodations to and from the trailhead, National Park entry permits, tent, sleeping bag, thin camping mattress, food and water while you’re on the trek, and a donation to Pencagura (Nature Lovers of Gunung Raya Sub-district) to support their forest and wildlife protection activities in the area.

Tour's Location

Sumatra, Indonesia


What to Bring
- A quality pair of hiking shoes – preferably waterproof – are essential.
- Comfortable trekking socks are also highly recommended – possibly the most important item.
- Long pants and a long-sleeved shirt. Preferably made from quick-dry material.
- Your own water bottle, to cut down on single-use plastics.
- A headlamp, as you’ll be scrambling up the mountain in the dark for the final ascent.
- A waterproof jacket in case it rains, and for the almost-freezing temperatures at the top.
- A beanie and gloves, plus a warmer hooded sweatshirt or something similar to layer with can also help with the cold for the pre-dawn climb to the summit.
- Sunscreen could be useful. Being so close to the equator, it’s easy to burn quickly-especially when the air is so deceptively cool. However, you will be under the rainforest canopy the majority of the time, with your time spent above the tree line mostly being in the early morning and late afternoon.
- Optionally, trekking poles can be useful – especially with reducing knee pain on the descent if you’re prone to that.
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