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Mount Kinabalu Adventure Hiking Tour 3D2N Trip

Mount Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
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3 Days 2 Nights

Tour Type

Daily Tour

Group Size

20 people




This trek are known to be the most strenuous regardless your fitness level, Humid & Steep climb awaits you. Require long endurance.

Duration : 3 Days / 2 Nights
Grade : Hard
Terrain : Muddy * Root * Rocks * Steep Degree * Wood Stairs
Distance : 17.44 KM



1200 – Ideally to arrive Kota Kinabalu City before 12:00PM. (Please Provide The Flight Details)
Tour begin with airport / hotel pickup, drop by KK City for lunch and shopping (Own Expenses)
14:00 – Depart 2 hours overland drives to Kinabalu Park.
16:00 – Check in to Kinabalu Park – Dormitory or Private Room as per above table.
19:00 – Dinner served at Balsam Restaurant, rest and enjoy highland atmosphere.

Climber who are staying at Poring Hot Spring with be drop off at Kinabalu Park, park provides
40mins shuttle bus transfer to Poring Hot Spring.

Things You Should Know About Kinabalu Park & Poring Hot Spring
+ Room Facilities – Attached Bathroom/Toilet * Pantry * Towel * Toiletries * Hot Shower
+ Restaurant closed at 21:30 PM | Dinner served until 21:00 PM | Breakfast start at 07:00 AM
+ Kinabalu Park and Poring Hot Spring not hilly, heavy luggage is fine and easy to move around.
+ The park have average/fine reception for DIGI * MAXIS * CELCOM.

Day 2

06:30 – Wake up and prepare yourself, warm up and stretching.
07:00 – Breakfast and collect individual packed lunch from the restaurant.
07:30 – Organize your luggage in two sectors. Un-need luggage to be Store at Kinabalu Park Reception RM 13.00 per unit.
Porter Luggage – measure and record the weights; pass to mountain guide for organizing carriage to Laban Rata and down to Timpohon.
08:30 – Mountain office provides shuttle bus to from Kinabalu Park to Timpohon Gate. (20mins drive)
09:30 – The adventure starts! 6.0KM Timpohon trial hiking to 3,273M Laban Rata reception for check in, dinner and rest.

Climber who stay at Poring Hot Spring – After Breakfast; Mountain Office provides shuttle bus, 40mins transfers to Kinabalu Park for climbing and continue the above actions.

Things That You Should Self Carry!
+ Wiser, Raincoat , Personal Medicines / Supplements, Foods, Water, Valuable Belonging, Camera, Hiking Stick, 1 set of changing clothes. Why?! You can change at 3,272M if porter still far behind! Is cool up there!!!

Things You Should Know About 3,272M Hostel
+ There is only one hut under this package
+ Laban Rata 70 Beds
+ All hut are NON Heater Room
+ NON Hot Shower
+ NO Toiletries
+ NO Hair Dryer
+ Unisex | Dormitory
+ Public Bathroom/Toilet
+ Laban Rata is the only hut with reception & café | Dinner 1700hrs – 1900hrs | Supper 0200hrs – 0230hrs | Breakfast 0730hrs – 1030hrs
+ Towel are limited on “first come first take” basis. Please bring your own small towel for cleaning (Not shower, too cool for that!), wet tissue / small towel is the best.
+ You can charge camera * phone * boil water in your hut | You can refill drinking water ( Boiled Water ) at Laban Rata Café.
+ Day 3 – You must check out and return room key by 10:30 AM | Delay extra charged at RM 100 per room per hour.


0130 – Wake up and get ready, warmup and stretching. Take supper and continue 2.72 KM hikes to Summit of Low’s Peak 4,095.2 ASL. You Must Reach 3,685M PANABALAN CHECK POINT 05:00 AM CUT OFF. Ranger will close summit gate after cutoff time. Rest at Summit area, take turn for photo at Summit Plate. Catch bird’s view of Crocker Range and sunrise in good weather. Descend to respective hut for packing & check out, breakfast at Laban Rata before leaving.
1030 – 6.0 KM descend journey to ending point Timpohon Gate. Show your climber tag to claim park’s shuttle bus service back to Kinabalu Park basecamp. Late lunch at Balsam café, your guide will collect climb certificate for you.
1630 – Pickup and 2 hours overland back to KK City. Drop off at your hotel; back with sweet & sour memories, sore body & legs!! Hotel and dinner ( own expenses ) OR contact us for hotel booking.

Things You Should Know About Summit Climb
+ The new Summit Trail is longer by approximately 700M from the original route.
+ The tour payment you paid is for accommodation * park fees * transportation * meals * other services.
+ The payment DO NOT Guarantee you to reach Summit of Kinabalu. Reaching Summit is totally depending on your fitness and environmental conditions.
+ In bad weather, ranger will stop climbers from proceeding to Summit. Don’t risks your life in bad weather, love yourself!
+ The cut off time to pass 3,685M PANABALAN ranger check point is before 05:00 AM.
+ Bring only warm gears * headlamp * water * snacks * camera * personal medicine to Summit; leave other items in the hut.
+ Summit temperature is cool and can be -3”C with regular wind chill. Plan and wear 2 – 3 layers if need.
+ You can bring hiking stick for Summit climb. But you need to shorter the stick and put in your bag at rope climb area.
+ You must return from Summit and check out by 10:30AM. Delay check out charged at RM 100 per room per hours.



  • + 1st Night – Private 2 Persons Room at Kinabalu Park (1,564M )
  • + 2nd Night – Unisex Dormitory at Laban Rata Hut ( 3,273M )
  • + 7 meals – Dinner * Breakfast * Packed Lunch * Dinner * Supper * Breakfast * Lunch
  • + Sabah Park – Climbing Permit * Trail Insurance * Mountain Guide * Conservation * Certificate * Shuttle Bus
  • + All Ground Transportation * Tour Coordinator
  • - Air Fares / Personal Travel Insurance.
  • - Beverages During Dinner at Kinabalu Park & Laban Rata
  • - Luggage Storage at Kinabalu Park Reception – RM 13.00 per Item.
  • - Porter Fee – RM 13.00 per Kilo ( Round Trip Timpohon – Laban Rata – Timpohon )
  • - Mountain Guide’s Overtime after 16:00PM Daily – RM 20.00 per Hour.
  • - Laban Rata Late Check Out Surcharge After 10:30AM – RM 100.00.
  • - Others Not Stated

Tour's Location

Mount Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia


Special Remark
+ Climber below 16 YEARS OLD are considered children climber by Sabah Park.
+ Children climbers are compulsory to employ extra private guide @ RM 230.00 per guide
+ Each private guide can look after maximum of 2 children
Things to Bring / Packing List / Wears
From Timpohon to Laban Rata ( Vice Versa )
+ Wear Lightweight Clothing: Dry-fit T-shirt * Light Trek Pant OR Short Trek Pant | Whistle – in case you need immediate attention
+ Wear Good Hiking / Walking Shoe with good grip ( Porter use rubber shoe call “Adidas Kampung” )
+ Bring Hiking Pole / Stick – Important for balancing support throughout the climb especially descending.
+ Bring Disposable Raincoat – Ideally 2-3 set. Mount Kinabalu is water catchment site with 4000cm rain a year.
+ Bring Water – 1.5L for Timpohon & 2L for Mesilau to prevent dehydration, boiled water can be refill at Laban Rata café.
+ Bring Light Energy Foods – raisin * energy bar * your own favorite snacks in you are hungry after pack lunch.
+ Bring Small First Aid Kit – Altitude sickness pill * muscle relief * pain killer * personal medication * nail cutter ( cut your toe nails )
+ Bring Small Towel * 1 Set Light Shirt & Pant – for you to change at Laban Rata if your porter still far behind. This always happen!
+ Bring Waterproof Backpack – if you don’t have, pack everything in double plastic bag. Limit Weight less than 7 KG
+ Bring Toilet Paper – there simple toilet along the trail. | Bring Personal Toiletries – soap * toothbrush & paste for mountain hut use.
+ Bring Warm Clothing & Extra Socks – for you to change at 3,273M’s mountain hut & warm sleep.

From Laban Rata to Summit of Low’s Peak ( Vice Versa )
+ Wear Warm Clothing – T-Shirt + Long Sleeve Shirt + Water Proof Wind Breaker | Balaclava Mask – Protect face from strong wind.
+ Wear Warm Clothing – 1 – 2 Layers Trousers / Trek Pants * Thick Sock * Good Shoe,
+ Wear Waterproof Hand Glove – Important in cool weather. Most of the time you will hold on rope and rocks, they are Wet!
+ Wear Headlamp – Important for dawn climb in total darkness. Light up your way and safe paths.
+ Bring 500ML Water * Energy Food / Snacks * Camera | Use Waterproof Backpack – leave other un-need item in the hut.
Important Note
We strongly recommended climbers NOT to take returning flight on the DESCENDING DAY. Any unexpected situation like: Injuries / Land Slide / Traffic / Accident / Etc will definitely delay anyone from flight departure. To be safe, allocate (01) night stay in KK City and departure flight on Day 4. Trek Finder Tours hold no responsibility on missed flight.

It is recommended that all climbers should have themselves medically checked before attempting any mountain climb. If you have a history of suffering from the following ailments, it is highly recommended that you should refrain from climbing: Hypertension, Diabetes, Palpitation, Arthritis, Heart disease, severe anemia, Peptic ulcers, Epileptic fits, Obesity (overweight), Chronic asthma, Muscular cramps, Hepatitis (jaundice); or any other disease which may hamper the climber.
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