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Angkor Wat Sunrise Ancient City Discovery Bike Tour Day Trip

Angkor Wat, Krong Siem Reap, Siem Reap Province, Cambodia
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1 Day

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Daily Tour

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10 people




Seeing the sunrise at Angkor Wat is an impeccable discovery of the natural beauty with a scene filled with mysterious shadows due to its amazing unrivaled architecture. As the crowds thin along with the early morning haze, stroll through the temple’s complex chambers and learn the site’s fascinating history is truly unforgettable.

Continue the ride towards 5 most impressive temples: BayonPreah KhanTaneiTapromPrasat Chrung. Also a pedal through the green rainforest, a stunning untouristed jungle site.


  • * See the majestic beauty of Angkor Wat and capture the quintessential shots at sunrise
  • * Ride through the hidden trails instead of busy touristic route
  • * Get to know the history of Angkor Wat
  • * South gate of Angkor Thom (the most appealing defensive wall of Angkor Thom)
  • * Climb up and venture on the protection wall of Angkor Thom capital
  • * Prasat Chrung: see the breathtaking view
  • * West gate of Angkor Thom: the never-restoration gate
  • * Bayon: the second important temple after Angkor Wat with 54 towers of 216 smiling faces
  • * North gate of Angkor Thom
  • * The stunning rainforest to Preah Khan: temple covered in jungle
  • * Tanei: ancient hospital, untouched by archeologist, embraced by nature
  • * Taprom: outstanding by its natural fade - Angelina Jolie Tomb Raider in 2002


Tour Program

Arrive at Angkor Wat before sunrise, waiting for the sun to shine its golden color to the sky making the dark tower of Angkor Wat. The reflection of the pond creates peaceful scenery and a magical time for photo shoot.

Then, wander in the temple’s complex with the insightful history telling from your experienced tour guide.

Continue to South gate of Angkor Thom: One best-preserved gate of the quadrangle defensive walls of Angkor Thom, once protected the Khmer capital. Climb up and venture on the protection wall towards Prasat Chrung to see the thrilling view of local village: fishing, yellow balloon, thousands of palm trees. Continue to West gate of Angkor Thom: the non-restoration gate, allowing visitors to make the comparison to the best-preserved gate (pre & post restoration). Bayon: a Buddhist temple best known today for the gigantic face sculptures. Stop in Angkor Thom area for healthy & delicious local lunch.

Passing by North gate of Angkor Thom to explore the remarkable rainforest with butterflies, flowers and hearing the sound of nature along the way to Preah Khan: temple completely covered in jungle, consists of 4 doors that make it look alike to a mirror reflection. Tanei: an ancient hospital, untouched by archeologist, hiding its beauty in the middle of forest. Lastly, the very impressive Taprom: the centerpiece of King Jayavarman VII’s master plan, also the headquarters of his vast hospital network.

Return to town, end of service.


  • * English speaking tour guide
  • * Quality mountain bike (Giant/Trek)
  • * Helmet
  • * Breakfast
  • * Lunch
  • * Fresh coconut juice
  • * Pure drinking water
  • * Hotel pick up
  • * Temple pass
  • * Travel insurance
  • * Hotel drop off

Tour's Location

Angkor Wat, Krong Siem Reap, Siem Reap Province, Cambodia


Dress code
Angkor is an active spiritual site for Buddhists and citizens who engage in daily worship, prayer and meditation. Revealing clothes such as shorts and skirts above the knees and showing bare shoulders are prohibited in sacred palaces. Respectful dress is strongly encouraged in Angkor due to the respects towards our community.
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