Bac Ninh

Bắc Ninh is a Vietnam province that lies east of the capital, Hanoi. It’s known for the tradition of Quan họ folk singing, performed in many villages. To the west, Đền Đô Temple (also called Lý Bát Đế Shrine), founded by the Lý Dynasty in the 11th century, is a tiered, lakefront temple that hosts a colorful annual procession. Southeast is Dâu Pagoda in the village of Dâu, an ancient center of Vietnamese Buddhism.and Belitung. Sandy beaches with large granite rock formations include Tanjung Tinggi Beach on Belitung island. Belitung’s Tanjung Kelayang Beach is a jumping-off point for Lengkuas Island, with its coral reef, colorful fish and colonial Dutch-built lighthouse.

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Destination : Bac Ninh, Vietnam

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