Asean Birding Tour Packages

This 3 week tour covers the 3 main islands: Luzon, Mindanao and Palawan. It offers a wider selection of Philippine endemics. And it covers another area in the Central Mountains of Luzon: [More]

Our tour program takes animal enthusiasts, families, photographers, bird watchers, filmmakers and adventure travelers of all ages around the world to see Borneo magnificent animals as they live, wild and free in their own natural [More]

The Philippines is an island archipelago located in South East Asia, south of Taiwan and Hong Kong and has one of the world’s highest levels of endemism when it comes to birds. It is a popular birding [More]

Thale Noi Waterbird Park is a swamp area, one of the largest freshwater lakes in Patthalung, southern Thailand, classified as a ‘Non-Hunting Area’ and protected by the Department of [More]

Sri Phang-Nga National Park located in the District of Kuraburi and Takua Pa,the Park is about 60 kms.from Khao Lak, Most of the Park is moist evergreen forest, this parkis good for bird watching and nature study, You’ll find [More]